Whatever the decade we have a collection of music to suit - we are sure that having lived through the 60's, enjoyed the 70's and survived the 80's we are in a unique position to DJ at theme nights 

Note from Bobby

Conscious of fashion and style through the decades (and actually worn most of the worst), gives me the opportunity to remember back to bands like the Bay City Rollers, Abba and so many more - hopefully I will be able to remind those ( who admit to being there)  just how much fun it was.

PS I have pictures of me dressed up in theme night 80's gear but they are too embarrassing to publish (especially the one with me in a Mullet hairdo)

Some of our most popular parties are oldies nights, where the best of music can be played no matter the decade:

Do you remember Van Morrison, Status Quo, Stealer's Wheel, Four Seasons - and this was just the 70's not to mention Sylvester, Kelly Marie, Billy Ocean from the 80's?

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