A presenter is included in the cost of the hire of a disco, however you can request the DJ who you would prefer to have entertain you - the request is subject to availability and could be changed   

please contact us for further information


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Gaz Sheridan

Hi Gaz here - just love working for Bobby and enjoying the variety of work that I get from Disco-uk

Comment from Bobby - Gaz is our Mr Ceilidh, he has a unique talent for playing Scottish traditional music and being able to call the dances as well as being an accomplished party DJ

For an additional fee Gaz’s wife will come along to the event and demonstrate the Scottish dances to help those in the crowd who are a bit less familiar with the steps - as a combination they are a force to be reckoned with

and Steve Hewlett

Runner up Britain’s Got Talent

Contact:             info@disco-uk.net