A presenter is included in the cost of the hire of a disco, however you can request the DJ who you would prefer to have entertain you - the request is subject to availability and could be changed   

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Rab Clelland

Hi I'm Rab

I have been a DJ longer than I care to remember. With over 35 years experience in entertainment I have done every kind of event you could imagine, from street parties to nightclubs and everywhere in between . I enjoy a bit of Karaoke and at times I  don’t mind doing my share of the singing

Comment from Bobby - Rab is a big personality and works with children including vulnerable groups (he is Kalms  trained) . Rab is experienced in working with large crowds at both indoor and outdoor events , speciality events and religious events, he is an exceptional PARTY DJ and is our Mr Versatile

He is much in demand for all types of functions

Contact:        info@disco-uk.net