Method Statement for entertainment during Covid19

As we move through the various stages of recovery from Covid19 we will once again be able to enjoy parties, events and weddings, however these celebrations will need to be somewhat different to the kind of functions we have been used to in the past.

Here at Disco-UK Ltd we have developed a flexible plan that will facilitate the best party that the circumstances will allow

We will be offering steps towards a full service depending on what the restrictions will be, so no matter when your event is to take place we will be able to entertain you and your guests.

How will this work:

As soon as the Government will allow small functions and weddings to take place then we will be able to offer a service for either indoors or outside. Your entertainment will require to be socially distant from your guests and requests will be made by text therefore no physical contact will be required. If it is necessary to use a microphone this will be on a stand, not handled by anyone and will be screened from the user, the microphone will also be sanitised before and after use as will any equipment that could be touched by a guest.    

Equipment will be set up before the guests arrive and removed after the guests leave.

There are a few things that we would normally be able to offer however at this time we don’t consider it is safe to do so:

Group dancing will not be allowed until we are advised that it is safe to do so.

Unmanned Photo Booth due to the need to handle props.

While we can still offer a live band we feel that until dancing is allowed this would not be advisable

We are currently working on safe ways to have fund raising Race Nights

You can still have a fantastic event:

A whole night of fantastic entertainment is available to you and your event will be tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

What to do next – chose from the following options, then please contact us for a quote.

So what will an event look like during the next few months:














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If your event is a wedding then the happy couple will be able to have their special dance, but remember - special dances are not restricted to just the “happy couple”.  There is no reason why any couple cannot request an opportunity to experience their own special dance to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or just because!!!!!!!!

Make your event unique, we can provide:  

Master of ceremonies, Background music, Singing Waiters, Keyboard Players etc.

Live stage acts


Professional singer


Tribute acts  

Candy carts with

 prepacked sweets

The Relationship Game         

(remember TV’s Mr and Mrs Game)

Photographer or Caricature Artists going round the tables

Projection Screens

Slide shows and videos of

your photo gallery



 Fun and Amazement for all the family

Mood Lighting

We are able to dress your venue by using Lighting, this can also be used outdoors) and you can choose the colour to match the room décor or the colour of your choice

Proper Music BINGO

Can be used just for fun or the raise money for a chosen charity

Table Karaoke

In the early stages guests can sing as a group at their table   

So what will an event look like during the next few months: